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L-shaped P desk

Great Value and Selection

BiNA Office Furniture is the real deal! You can browse our site to get a sense for the broad variety and depth of selections, but that's just the beginning! We've got a huge showroom full of even more selections, options and styles for you to find, plus our highly experienced cadre of office furniture experts to assist you in putting together the right office you need at the budget you wish to keep.

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We've always got the right deals for you, and the best values in office furniture for your needs. Bring in a 516-248-5858, , , , , , , , ,


Happy Holidays, from

Seasons Greetings

from all of us at BiNA Office Furniture

happy holidays

Come Visit Us for the Holidays

Browse our 30,000 square foot showroom in Long Island, New York
and see how we're
“Long Island's Most Complete Office Furniture Showroom”

BiNA Office Furniture
254 East Jericho Turnpike
Mineola-Garden City, NY 11501

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We'll make your office space into your office place!

It's not an office until we furnish it

office furniture design layout

Visit BiNA Office Furniture's Long Island, New York showroom.

We'll take your office space and help you make it into your own office furniture place!

BiNA Office Furniture,

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Tired of your OLD desk? Time for a NEW desk!

Shop for a NEW desk!old desk

Check our current RED HOT DEALS and SPECIAL VALUES for great discounts on office desks, file cabinets, reception desks, conference tables, chairs and more!

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What can we design for you today?

Semi-custom office furniture is our speciality.

Call 516-248-5858 today for details or visit our showroom

You need help planning out your office floor space, we can do that!

We're experts at making sure what you need is what you get, and what you get is what you need! No worries about how that conference table will fit into the room, or what size reception desk will work for you.

Can't find what you need anywhere?

semi-custom furniture We can make it for you! Bring us your concept - size, shape, color, we can make your dream come true! and for a price equivalent to what your custom item would be if it were already in stock!

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Make Us YOUR Office Furniture Place

Maple L Shape Desk
We're YOUR Office Furniture Place

Shopping for office furniture in New York? Be sure to visit BiNA Office Furniture huge 30,000+ square foot Call to Order Online! Appreciate our experienced sales help with extensive knowledge of all the best we have to offer.

Check out our hot deals on conference tables, reception desks and office cubicles and partitions!

lateral file cabinetDon't forget the file cabinets!

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New York, New York

Rockefeller centerNeed an executive desk?

Got Desk?

Welcome to the city that never sleeps. The center of world commerce, take a moment and get yourself a durable quality executive desk and filing cabinets to manage all of your important documents and client paperwork. Now more than ever it's important to be on top of your game to win the game! Bina Office Furniture experts are here 6 days a week to fulfill on our promise to get you the desks, bookcases, reception room furniture and conference tables you need to conduct business the proper way.

No job is too big or too small — we've got it all here, in one 30,000 square foot showroom. Bring in your floorplan to map out your next cubicle project too.

Visit Our Showroom Today

No sleeping on the job — hurry in or call us at 516-248-5858 to get your professional office off the ground! Now!

computer deskNeed a computer desk?

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Form and Function: L-Shape Desks Always in Demand

L-Shaped Desks and Workstations

"L"-ementary — L-Shaped desks and workstations are a very popular office workspace tool. With a broad variety of styles, sizes and finishes, there's an L-desk in your future.

Visit our showroom for our complete selection of desks and workstations. We have desks in wood and laminate series, and semi-custom designs too.

With your floor plan or office space dimensions in hand, you can work with our professional sales team to configure the perfect office desk workstation for your own office or to outfit your entire office floor today.

Visit Our Huge Showroom and View Configurations

L shaped desks are available "left" and "right" sided in various sizes and styles. Different storage options too. It's a matter of style, and available office size. Visit our showroom for complete details on available options, styles, colors and sizes.

We have on our floor, traditional, contemporary and budget selections, in L and U-Shape and other layouts to suit your perfect office suite and budget.

Visit our Huge New York Showroom for current selection and styles available for your home or office workspace today.

Sample Configurations

  • two tone hudson bay
    Mobile Pedestals are under-desk drawers that have wheels enabling you to move and place them where you like. A useful option for when you want it, but not available for every desk. Typically more expensive than fixed drawers.
  • "Visit Long Island's
    Most Complete
    Office Furniture Showroom."

  • queens borough desk
    Two Tone Color is a style feature some people like for the contrast, though often a blend of colors can mix well with a variety of home or office decors.
  • NY subway special
    Workstation with Hutch is a popular theme, given that using vertical space for storage frees up or augments any floor-standing or under-desk storage units.
  • brooklyn loves NYC
    Modular Units are those which are comprised of elements, or modules, which can be arranged to suit a particular desk or workstation combination.
  • delivery to all new york city
    Computer Desk is a general term for a desk suitable for housing or using a computer. Many may offer features such as a keyboard tray, wire management, computer tower storage or video monitor housing.
  • nassau county, ny
    Computer Keyboard tray is a useful addition to a desk when a center drawer is not needed and desk space may be conserved to provide a pull-out shelf for the keyboard unit. These may be installed on straight or L desks as well as on corner desks too.
  • suffolk county, ny
    L-Shape Desk is one which forms the shape of an L )when viewed from above) and most often is deeper on the desk side and narrower on the return side. When the return is on the user's right, it is a right return. A left return is when the L bends to the user's left.
  • we deliver to all long island
    Custom Configuration? Sometimes you have specific space needs that a popular desk size cannot accomodate. Bring us your space measurements, floor plan, or homemade pencil sketch. We'll do the rest.
  • manhattan no problem
    Corner Workstation differs from an L-shape desk in that typically the left and right sections are symmetrial from the user's perspective and are also of equal depth. Very popular for computer use as the computer can occupy the deeper part of the corner while leaving the rest of the desk surfaces free for papers, books and other materials.
  • call or visit us today
    Corner Workstation can be built up with additional components to make a desk into a real office.
  • Visit Our Showroom for Stock Selection and Semi-Custom Desks

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Choose the Best Workstation for "U"

U-Shaped Workstations

Make the statement that is "U" — a U-Shaped workstation maximizes worksurface area and gives you the convenience of your office storage within easy reach.

We carry a variety of workstations for your personal style - whether a traditional desk series is for you, or something more contemporary, it's your U!

Workstations are available in wood series and laminate series in different colors and finishes. Make your selection to suit your available office space.

Bring in your floor plan or office space dimensions and work with our professional sales team to assemble the perfect workstation for your private office or corporate suite today.

Sample Configurations

There's no one way to make a U - they're available "left" and "right" sided in various sizes and styles. Different storage options too. It's a matter of style, and available office size. Visit our showroom for complete details on available options, styles, colors and sizes.

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Shopper's Guide to Buying Office Desks

Desks and Workstations

BiNA Office Essentials for Your Business Suite or Home Office

What Shape is Your Parachute?

Desks come in all shapes and sizes. That's because we all work differently and want our desk to serve many different roles in our business. Likewise for any desk family, there are different varieties that alter the style and offer additional utility to the workspace.

L-Shape Desk

One of our most popular styles is the L-Shape Desk, which as the name indicates, forms and L shape with the desk and the return, which can be either on the left or right side. Thus you have a left or right L-shape desk. Both the desk and return can be in different widths and depths, so it's best to know your available floor space to ensure maximum use of your work area.

U-Shape Workstation

The U-Shape Desk is in essence an extended L desk with another worksurface. It can also be viewed as a desk and credenza with a connecting bridge forming the base of the U. This style is very popular due to this very fact — as it simply provides additional desktop working space to a conventional office desk and credenza arrangement.

Computer Desks

The incursion of personal computers into the home gave rise to the computer desk in home offices, with a myriad of alien styling attempting to give a high-tech look, but we find today, most home offices are seeking a more legitimate office desk solution and are favoring more standard home office furniture.

Visit Our Showroom

For a complete selection of office furniture in New York, you can't beat our showroom. It's the most complete office furniture showroom in Long Island, and our experienced sales team can quickly and easily help you choose the right desk for your business, budget and available office space.

Help Us Help You

Shopper Tips:

  • DO measure the available area in each room
  • DO note location of windows, outlets, radiators, etc.
  • DO consider how much storage you need, for filing cabinets, bookcases, work materials, etc.
  • DO bring your notes with you, we'll get you just what you needed!

It's that simple!

Browse Workstations, Desks, Hutches, Wall Hutch, Bookcase Hutch, CPU Holder, Keyboard Tray and more at our huge 30,000 square foot office furniture showroom.

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Got the Mahogany Blues?

Workstation Colors: Choose Your Desk, New York

mahogany deskTraditional Mahogany Finish

Classic office furniture in wood grain hues or real wood finishes are always a popular style. We carry traditional and contemporary desks for your home office or place of business. Visit our New York Showroom to experience firsthand the quality and beauty of wood and compare to the versatility of colors and durability of top quality laminate office furniture.

Visit Long Island's Most Complete Office Furniture Showroom

blue deskSemi-Custom Design

After all, who's to say you just might be feeling blue about wood tones after all? We can get a desk for you in a variety of colors and sizes, to suit your cosmopolitan office or your suburban home.

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A Chair and Desk for Every Cubicle

cubicleChair, Desk, Cubicle

Well it's a gold medal election year, so why not tout our own campaign promises? We're proud of our huge showroom selection of office chair, desk and cubicle options for your home office or business office suite.

We offer you this Olympic lineup: of an executive leather chair, a traditional wood desk, and modern office cubicle — which one gets the gold medal in your office plans this year?

Visit our Long Island, NY showroom today to find your winning candidate for this term's fiscal budget!

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It's Not an Avatar, It's Real
Happy Holidays, from
We'll make your office space into your office place!
Tired of your OLD desk? Time for a NEW desk!
What can we design for you today?
Make Us YOUR Office Furniture Place
New York, New York
Form and Function: L-Shape Desks Always in Demand
Choose the Best Workstation for "U"
Shopper's Guide to Buying Office Desks
Got the Mahogany Blues?
A Chair and Desk for Every Cubicle

Discount Office Furniture Dealer metro New York City and Long Island, NY. Visit Long Island's Most Complete Office Furniture Showroom, today! Call BiNA Office Furniture 516-248-5858