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DO CALL US: Telemarketing Cubicle Workstation

telemarketing cubicle

We Can Work It Out

Gotta get your office up and running fast! We can help - order from our quick ship program and get the workstations you need & get back to work!

Choose from our array of task based workstations, corrals or cubicles, and we can get them to you ready for your office to get back to doing what your team does best.

Let Our Team Supercharge Your Team

Let our business BiNA Office Furniture help YOUR business up and going - we carry budget cubicles and workstations for all businesses, why not yours? Choose from quick ship or custom colors, it's all top quality and good to go with a legacy of Long Island and metropolitan New York clientele that swear by our products. Become our next "best customer!"

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Corner Cubicle Workstation

Move Into The Corner Office!

corner cubicle

Take the lead on your project plans, come to BiNA Office Furniture in New York and build out your cubicle design plan on time and under budget. Whether you have architect blueprints or a pencil sketch, we can work with you to design and build out the office cubicles you need for your new or existing office space.

Visit our showroom and see actual floor models and panel samples, styles and fabric colors. Specify your configuration needs, timeline and budget constraints — we'll recommend the best selections for your needs and help you choose your optimum cubicle solution.

But Wait, There's More

Count on our professional fleet service installation and setup; whether you're buying 5 cubes or 50, we serve all our customers as the most important ones. Browse also our extensive showroom selection of conference room furniture, executive desks, and waiting room reception desks.

Don't forget the chairs.

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No Need to Buy Used Cubicles - Get them NEW for LESS!

Come to BiNA Office Furniture to buy your office cubicle and save money too!

cubicle sale

Here's a Stock Tip We Can All Appreciate

Invest in your office furniture and it will reaps dividends for you tomorrow. How? By purchasing QUALITY products that will LAST and serve your business for years to come, you save yourself the cost and effort of having to redeploy your hard-earned income on second rate office supply store imitations.

budget cubicle

Save even more money on cubicles at BiNA Office Furniture when you take part of our extensive in-stock program on budget panels and partitions and our quality office cubicle systems.

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Traditional Wood Bookcase Details

  • Wood Trim Styling

  • top trim detail

    Buy from BiNA our fabulous wood bookcase with optional wood trim kit

  • wood finish

    Select your choice of wood trim, from cherry, mahogany, walnut veneers.

  • vertical trim

    On two or more wood bookshelf units lined up in a row, our matching vertical molding covers the front of the inside side panels, achieving a magnificent built in look.

  • Twice the Fun

    twin bookcase

    The visual effect of our multiple wood bookcase units in a row achieves a magnificent built in look, perfect for the executive office or home, at a very reasonable price.

  • Triple Play

    triple bookcase

    On two or more of our wood bookshelf units lined up in a row, our matching traditional vertical molding covers the front of the inside side panels, achieving a magnificent built in look.

  • The Full Monty

    Here is our BiNA wood bookcase in full disclosure:
  • wood bookshelf

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Traditional Wood Trim Bookcase

One Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

BiNA Office Furniture in New York:

BiNA: wood bookcase with trim kit

Beautiful symmetrically styled traditional molding wraps around the top of the front and sides of our 72"H or 84"H Mahogany, Medium Cherry, or Walnut Bookcase, meeting at mitered edges.

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DO CALL US: Telemarketing Cubicle Workstation
Corner Cubicle Workstation
No Need to Buy Used Cubicles - Get them NEW for LESS!
Traditional Wood Bookcase Details
Traditional Wood Trim Bookcase

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