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Will you store it for a while? Will you store a legal file?

Come to BiNA Office Furniture Online, and choose the best storage solution for your office document needs:

Looking for X-ray or Patient File Cabinet

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Quality Executive Office Furniture

Shop BiNA Office Furniture in Long Island, New York

We're the office furniture professionals right here in Nassau County, Long Island

Make your WORKSPACE into your WORKPLACE

Work with our experienced sales staff and office furniture planners to design your prized corner office, your executive conference room, office cubicle area, file cabinet storage room and much more. Come see our fabulous reception desks and conference tables! Don't forget the bookcase! Tell us what kind of office chair you need - we've got office chairs for every room and every function and person.

executive wood desk set

Warmth and Elegance. Make a statement that represents YOU

Visit our 30,000 square foot showroom and SEE the quality, feel the finish. KNOW what you're buying for your executive offices is what you expect in quality, value and price.

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Esquire Bookcase for your Law Library

Bookcases & Bookshelves

Examples of bookcases to inspire you; Visit our Long Island New York Showroom for complete selection and details. We carry high quality laminate and wood bookcases for your home office or business library.

Call 516-248-5966 or visit our huge office furniture showroom today!

We carry a wide assortment of bookcases and shelving for your office, including wall hanging units, steel shelving, wood bookshelves and more. Choose your style and color preference, to match existing decor or build a new ensemble today.

  • executive office bookcase

    Traditional Styled Bookcase Hutch and Lateral File Cabinet.

    Traditional styling is a timeless classic, with brass handles and subtle trim for a very elegant look. Visit our showroom for our display of traditional office furniture for your home or business workplace.

  • bookshelf options

    Assemble an array of bookshelves with or without doors for a visually appealing line-up, along with the facility for closed storage below.

  • traditional bookcase and file storage

    Executive elegance is achieved with glass doors adorning the bookcase. Not available on all styles, yet surely a elegant touch when you want to make that statement, or to keep your treasured collection dust-free.

  • budget bookcases

    Measure your office space to know what size shelving works best for your space. Watch for windows and radiators, and also consider the weight of the books, and if you want a solid or masonite back.

  • wood veneer bookcases

    Wood veneer bookcases available in different finishes, with or without trim kit, or optional door kit.

  • luxury bookcase

    Visit our showroom for more ideas and space planning for your library. We also carry shelving units and high-density filing for bulk volume of documents, case files and HIPAA patient files.

  • bookshelves

    Standard bookcases available in different heights and colors

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Traditional Wood Bookcase Details

  • Wood Trim Styling

  • top trim detail

    Buy from BiNA our fabulous wood bookcase with optional wood trim kit

  • wood finish

    Select your choice of wood trim, from cherry, mahogany, walnut veneers.

  • vertical trim

    On two or more wood bookshelf units lined up in a row, our matching vertical molding covers the front of the inside side panels, achieving a magnificent built in look.

  • Twice the Fun

    twin bookcase

    The visual effect of our multiple wood bookcase units in a row achieves a magnificent built in look, perfect for the executive office or home, at a very reasonable price.

  • Triple Play

    triple bookcase

    On two or more of our wood bookshelf units lined up in a row, our matching traditional vertical molding covers the front of the inside side panels, achieving a magnificent built in look.

  • The Full Monty

    Here is our BiNA wood bookcase in full disclosure:
  • wood bookshelf

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Will you store it for a while? Will you store a legal file?
Quality Executive Office Furniture
Esquire Bookcase for your Law Library
Traditional Wood Bookcase Details

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