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How to Layout Your Office Furniture

Two Dimensional Diagram

So often clients come to us with a vague notion, or even a very clear concept, of what they want for their office desk or business plan layout.

Three Dimensional Diagram

Invariably, what occurs next is that many have no awareness of the physical space available to them or their colleagues! It's a startling reality, but understandable fact.

After all, when you buy a car, or a toaster oven, you usually know it's going to fit in your garage or kitchen, respectively. But with furniture, you've got a lot more variables than just style or color. You need to know how much room you have, with wall outlets, radiators and what have you.

3-D Rendered Diagram

In many cases a room may be of simple dimensions and easily measured. In other cases, professional space measuring would guide you to resolve this mini crisis. After all, once the desk is ordered and shipped, can they even get it in the door?

3-D Color Diagram

Working with an office furniture dealer is superior to an office supply store because the former is trained in office planning and design, and in most cases will provide you with proper recommendations for your office space and also provide you better service for the long run.

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