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BiNA Office Furniture » Recent Projects » Grand Pacific - Flushing, Queens, NY

Flushing Queens, NYC: 28 Cubicles, Fabric Panels, Metal Trim

Choose your cubicle fabric color and other options, we do the rest. Full service professional installation and delivery on everything we sell.

Come in to Bina Office Furniture today to design your office or place of business today!

  • Cubicle Overview

    Shown here: 28 office cubicles designed to suit available office space. Bring us your floor space plan or approximate area measure and we'll put together the total office package for you to provide a solid working environment for your busy enterprise.

  • Cubicle Row

    Setup and ready to go ASAP! You Buy, We Build! Choose your layout options, panel height, storage units, chairs and we'll work out all the technical details for you.

  • Cubicle Interior

    Choice of Colors, Worksurfaces, Storage Units, Powered Raceways and More!

  • Cubicle Exterior

    Affordable cubicles ready in weeks not months. Come in to design your space today.

  • Cubicle Floor Plan

    Cubicle Floor Plan

    3-D Floor Plan: We'll work out the floor plan schematics for you to review before we build, so you know what it will look like before the trucks roll in to install.

  • Top View Floor Plan

    Cubicle Floor Plan

    Space Planning - Floor Plan: We do the space planning for you, you just need to like it. No work no worry.